Financial Software Upgrades for the New Year: Updating Core Tools

Nationwide, organizations and individuals put great time and effort into their financial accounting. The agencies that supervise this accounting review it with even greater caution and scrutiny. But every year, these entities must devote time and resources into such work because their software and tools are outdated.

Keeping up with the evolving market and fraudsters requires cutting-edge tools. Manual data entry, in particular, forces investigators to spend precious hours away from casework. It also negates the flexibility that mobile technology provides. These outcomes put analysts at a significant disadvantage.

But ScanWriter’s automated data entry software offers financial investigators a crucial leg up. Rather than necessitating point-by-point input through a processor, ScanWriter converts paper and digital files into structured data. When capture becomes an automatic process handled entirely by computers, investigators can focus on tracking down evidence and building cases

Upgrade to ScanWriter in the New Year and enjoy benefits such as:

Furthermore, to help facilitate the adaptation of our software, ScanWriter offers extensive training sessions. It understands 21 languages, connects to tens of thousands of public institutions (including financial institutions), and has dedicated support staff. Anyone can turn years’ worth of paper bank statements and checks into structured data within a matter of minutes.

Book a demo today and see how our data automation tools can transform your team’s productivity in the New Year and beyond.

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