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Many investigators and accountants find themselves with no time for manual data entry during their financial fraud investigations. One option is to hire a temporary/seasonal data entry clerk to input data for them. Temporary/seasonal workers can sound convenient at desperate times, but there are some drawbacks:

Costs – There can be hidden costs with hiring a temporary worker such as extra taxes, benefits, and workers’ compensations that accumulate to a high expense

Security – When hiring a temporary worker, they will have access to all your investigative material and sensitive information

Human Error – Manual data entry leaves room for human error, potentially lowering your confidence in the data

Before you invest in recruiting, consider looking into data entry automation technology. Instead of hiring a temporary/seasonal data entry clerk, technology such as ScanWriter may be sufficient and more convenient for your needs.

Unlike a temporary/seasonal data entry clerk, ScanWriter can:

1. Quickly and efficiently read your financial documents, usually 5-10 seconds per page

2. Reduce hourly labor costs by 90% with no hidden costs and wage payments

3. Scan multiple types of documents such as bank statements, financial records, handwritten check images, and more

4. Work any time of day or night, since a software is not limited to hours in the office

5. Ensure security and privacy- you never have to worry about documents leaving your computer

6. Minimize errors with data entry automation and advanced accuracy checking, giving you confidence in your data.

7. Sustain data integrity with link analysis to always see the source file

8. Visualize your data with a flow of funds analysis

For more information on how you can free up your manual data entry time, request a free ScanWriter demo today!

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