The Importance of Digital Data and Analytics

Investigations need to be thorough, with no detail ignored. But when those details are all floating around on different PDF’s, files and pages, collecting them all is time consuming, and has too much room for error. With ScanWriter, advanced features consolidate disparate data sources and even capture data straight off the images, organizing them into manageable, secure files.

A quick scan for organized data

ScanWriter was built for taking even the most cluttered data and compiling it into organized spreadsheets with instant analytical insights. Even handwritten data like physical checks can be swiftly analyzed and organized by ScanWriter, saving criminal investigators and analysts valuable time. What used to take an analyst hours, weeks or even months can now be handled in mere minutes.

For example, in a sophisticated financial fraud case, ScanWriter can help review all of your documents and transactions. ScanWriter can automatically match the offsets to the bank statement, saving time and increasing accuracy.

Actionable Insights

It’s not just a matter of having the information. You need clear, organized data with easy-to-access, actionable insights. When there’s data coming in from a dozen different directions, consolidating and organizing it all is paramount.

ScanWriter was built for taking data and compiling it into organized spreadsheets that let you identify discrepancies, trace patterns and arrive at sound conclusions. Capable of processing high volumes of data at once, ScanWriter can identify the kinds of discrepancies that suggest fraud and other financial crimes.

Secure Investigations

Investigations may require the compilation of sensitive data spanning hundreds of individuals and organizations. With ScanWriter, there’s no need to worry over an investigation’s security. Only you have access to your ScanWriter files, and the security of your data is guaranteed.

Visual Solutions

ScanWriter lets investigators organize information in ways that help identify patterns and discrepancies. Create Flow of Funds visualizations that clearly and concisely show how money is moving. Organize and sort by bank, business entity or even potential target. When the data is clearly laid out for you, the connections become clearer.

Forbes identifies clear data organization as one of the key ingredients to sound decision making. ScanWriter can bring the organizational solutions and let the analysts draw the conclusions. To learn more, register for our free demo session here

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